To stagger the racers, each participant will start at 10 second intervals.The Zydeco Triathlon partners with the very best timing company in Louisiana that will have a team member in the pool with you telling you when to start.Characterized by instruments like accordion and washboard, zydeco is an integral part of New Orleans and American music.

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It is an aural tradition dating past the Acadian conquest of southwest Louisiana after their displacement from Nova Scotia, from whence they brought a rich musical tradition.

According to Bill Malone and David Sticklin, authors of Southern Music/American Music, Cajun music was first discovered commercially in the 1920s with release of Allons à Lafayette (Let's Go to Lafayette).

By 1928 Cajun fiddle had already diverged into variegated styles.

The most prominent proponent was Leo Soileau of Ville Platte, Louisiana, who started recording in 1928 with Mayuse Lafleur, accordionist, who "met his death from a stray bullet in a tavern brawl in October of that same year".

The fiddle was the central instrument in Cajun sound until the twenties when it was somewhat eclipsed by the accordion, both in Canada and the United States. Mandolins, pianos, and banjos joined fiddles to create a jazzy swing beat strongly influenced by the western swing of Texas.

This image of an unidentified Louisiana musician playing the accordion was taken in 1850.

Once on your bike you will head out of the transition area and take a RIGHT onto Johnson HWY then right onto NEWLY PAVED Fournerat Road, travel 5 miles by bike then turn around and come back.

While there is no shortage of good zydeco artists, some are just better than all the rest.

In Louisiana, perhaps only young New Orleans brass bands rival zydeco players’s ability to merge the past and present in a sound that still attracts young dancers in the region where the music first started.