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Candy Cane, Toronto / Hamilton, Canada [10/31] Mistress Rawlove, Windsor, Canada [09/02] Mistress Katt, Vancouver, Canada (Also here) [08/01] Madam Izzabelle, London, Ontario, Canada (also Vancouver, BC) [09/03] Mistress Patricia, Edmonton, Canada (updated) [02/15] Maitresse Omani, Montreal, Canada [02/15] Maitresse Francesca, Brossard, Canada (contact info reported invalid) [02/01] Lady Victoria, Toronto, Canada (At Toronto Power Exchange) [10/29] Genevieve Fleury, Montreal, Canada (wrestling) [10/25] Ms.

Madelaine Bates, Vancouver, Canada [09/23] Lady Gomorrah, Kelowna, BC, Canada [09/10] Mistress Darkniis, Edmonton, Canada [08/29] The Temple, Ontario, Canada [08/27] Auntie Jane, Ottawa, Canada (Also here) [08/27] Tanya Kicks, Ottawa, Canada (wrestling) [08/26] Mistress Yvanka, Montreal, Canada [07/06] Femme Fatale / Lady Lexis, Calgary, Canada (Primarily transformation services & products) [07/06] Lady Cynthia, Vancouver, Canada [06/17] Madame de Sade / Bondage Hotel, Ontario, Canada [05/21] Mistress Rattan, Toronto, Canada [03/13] Goddess Christina, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [01/08] Madame de Sade's House of Fetish and Dungeon, Toronto [12/30] Mistress Erika, Alberta [10/15] Mistress Hunter, Toronto [06/26] Mistress Marine, Montreal, Canada [06/09] Mistress Gucci's Dungeon, Montreal [10/31] Mistress Dianne, Toronto Matresse Cathie La Divine & Mistress Sasha, Ottawa Mistress Angelique Serpent, Vancouver, Canada Mistress Moon / Club Stiletto, Vancouver (primarily images, private sessions mentioned) Tanya Kicks, Ottawa, Ontario (wrestling) China / PRC [10/17] Miss Ai, Hong Kong [09/23] Mistress Raffaela, Guangzou, China (& travels in Asia including Singapore, India, Hong Kong) [08/07] Mistress Heaven, Shanghai, China [12/28] Mistress Yao, Beijing, China [06/23] Goddess Alice, Shanghai, China (Also here) [02/03] Mistress Tong, Beijing, China [01/05] Domina Meiling, Shanghai, China [12/26] Beijin Mistress / Miss V, Beijing, China [11/11] Mistress Humei, Shanghai, China (Also here) [04/07] Mistress Mitao, Beijing, China [01/20] Mistress Feng Ching, Beijing, China [12/09] Double Domination, Shanghai, China [09/26] Mistress Woo, Shanghai, China [08/10] Mistress Maihuo, Beijing, China [07/10] Goddess Qing, China (Also Hong Kong, London - Also here, here) Czech Republic [09/14] Madam Cassandra, Prague, Czech Republic [07/10] Mistress Arella, Prague, Czech Republic (Also London, UK - Also Foot worship, and here) [11/17] Madam Samantha, Prague, Czech Republic [11/18] Mistress Enchantress, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) [11/13] Madame Sirael, Prague, Czech Republic [10/25] Lady Renata, Prague, Czech Republic [02/26] Mistress Claudie, Prague, Czech Republic [07/25] Pantrautenberk (Mysteria / Pani Pavla / Valkyrie), Prague, Czech Republic [07/25] Domina Sandra, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) [04/25] Comtesse Lilly, Prague, Czech Republic [01/24] Mistress Claudie, Prague, Czech Republic (Also Paris & London) [11/26] Madam Vevera, Moravia, Czech Republic [10/17] Madame De La Cruel, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) [05/16] Tania, Czech Republic [03/16] Madame Christine, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) [10/11] Madam Mischell, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic [10/11] Carodejka, Prague, Czech Republic [10/11] Lady Lada, Ostrava, Czech Republic [10/11] Gyno Klinika Praha, Prague, Czech Republic [10/11] Madam Lea, near Vimperk, Czech Republic [10/07] Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here [09/08] Studio Madam Daniela, Prague, Czech Republic [08/20] Studio S&M / Madam Wanda, Czech Republic Mistress Michaela, Czech Republic (reported inactive) SM Studio Gwenn, Prague, Czech Republic Denmark [12/08] Dominatrix Victoria, Halland, near Gothenburg, Sweden [10/06] Swedish Goldie, Copenhagen, Denmark (Also Teneriffe, Spain / Puerto Banus, Sweden) [07/03] Domina Portalen / Madame X, Copenhagen area, Denmark [09/25] Lady Lotti, Roskilde, Denmark [09/25] BDSMfrue, Roskilde, Denmark [07/30] Madame Sascha, Copenhagen, Denmark [07/11] Femme Fatal / Mistress M, Copenhagen, Denmark [12/17] Anita, Copenhagen / Soeborg, Denmark (Also here) [10/29] Heartless Bitch, Copenhagen, Denmark [10/21] Nikita Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark (Also here) [10/21] Mistress Stine, Aarhus, Denmark [10/21] Madame Helene, Odense/Copenhagen, Denmark (Also here) [10/21] Villabella (Illona / Sandy), Odense, Denmark [10/21] Illona, Odense, Denmark (Also here) [10/21] Sandy, Odense, Denmark (Also here) [09/19] Miss Liana, Copenhagen, Denmark (Also here) [09/19] Lady Cleo, Copenhagen, Denmark [09/19] Madame Nikita, Copenhagen, Denmark (At Abbedissens Studio) [09/19] Anja, Copenhagen, Denmark [09/19] Uzi, Copenhagen, Denmark [09/19] Kinky Mille, Viby and Copenhagen [09/19] Victoria & Patrick, Sor, Denmark [06/13] Madame Marlene, Copenhagen, Denmark Domina Janice, Copenhagen, Denmark Herskerinder, Copenhagen, Denmark Maitresse, Copenhagen, Denmark Studio 136, Copenhagen Finland [05/01] Domina Nicole, Helsinki, Finland [03/03] Mistress Xenia, Helsinki, Finland [06/29] Lady Aniel, Helsinki, Finland (Also here) [06/29] Mistress Veeruska, Helsinki, Finland [06/29] Domina Queen Patricia, Helsinki, Finland [06/29] Mistress Julia, Helsinki, Finland [06/28] Mistress Mariella, Turku, Finland [08/09] Divinna Sodomia, Helsinki, Finland (Also here) [08/09] Domina Liisa, Helsinki, Finland (invalid contact info?By contrast, Madras in India was deemed the least expensive city to live in.The bottom end of the list was mostly made up of smaller cities in Eastern Europe.Suzy, Antwerp, Belgium [04/17] Meesteres Jessica, Oostende, Belgium [04/17] Maitresse Sylvie, Brussels, Belgium [03/16] Meesteres Issis, Antwerp, Belgium (Also Breda, Netherlands- Also here) [02/28] Mistress Shane, Antwerp, Belgium (and travels) [02/14] Messteres Xines, Merelbeke, Belgium (Also here, here) [02/14] Yesmistress, Hooglede, West Vlaanderen, Belgium [02/14] The Chamber, Kapellen, near Antwerp, Belgium [01/13] SM Studio The Cellar, near Antwerp, Belgium [01/13] Maitresse Kika, Brussells, Belgium (Also Anthwerp, Paris) [12/13] Maitresse Diane, Brussels, Belgium [11/25] Maitresse Athena, Brussels, Belgium [10/20] Mistress Janice, Brussels, Belgium [09/30] Mistress Lady Alexia, Brussels, Belgium [09/25] Domina Linda, Antwerp, Belgium [09/18] Mistress Morticia, Antwerp, Belgium [08/08] Studio Magical, North of Antwerp, Belgium (near Roosendaal, Holland) [06/21] Maitresse Christine, Brussels, Belgium (Also here) [05/15] Mistress Salem, Brussels, Belgium [02/03] Mistess Kelly's SM Place, Antwerp, Belgium (Also here as Master Thaurus) [12/24] Meesteres Dita, Ghent, Belgium [11/12] Ms Kathy, Ghent, Belgium [11/01] Meesteres Kara, Ghent, Belgium [07/19] O. Lady Kennedy, Vancouver, Canada [09/07] Mistress Dee, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [09/04] Dr.Karma Thomson, Toronto, Canada [08/16] Lady Rose, Toronto, Canada [08/16] Vixen House of Domination, Toronto, Canada [08/16] Miss Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [08/16] Miss Poetry, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [08/09] Domina Erzulie, Montreal, Canada [08/02] Mistress Kayla, Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada (Also here) [07/30] Trinity, Toronto, Canada [07/30] Goddess Hell Fire, Ottawa, Canada [07/27] Mistress Eleise, Vancouver, Canada [01/30] Mz Coventina, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [02/16] Mistress Elizabeth Punkbunny, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [02/13] Miss Cybele, Montreal, Canada [01/27] Mistress Irony, Montreal, Canada [01/20] Mistress November Gray, Vancouver, Canada [12/26] Domina Pravus, Cobourg, Canada [12/24] Classique Silvr, Alliston, Near Toronto, Canada (Also here) [12/23] Mistress Samantha, Kitchener, Canada [12/16] Mistress Pandora, Ottawa, Canada [10/12] Sugah Shack / Mistresses Brown Sugah and Dolce Divinity, Montreal, Canada [09/15] Empress Zara, Toronto, Canada [09/02] Mistress Flux, Montreal, Canada (Also here) [08/18] Mistress Myra Blue, Montreal, Canada [08/16] Mistress Nika, Toronto, Canada [07/25] Mistress Sharon, Montreal, Canada [07/16] Mistress Luna, Montreal, Canada (and Travels - Also here) [07/10] Lexxi Brown, Montreal, Canada (Also Quebec City) [05/04] Mistress Shira, Ottawa, Canada (Also Montreal, Toronto, and travels) [04/27] Lady Diva Cane, Edmonton, Canada (Also here) [03/26] Lady J, Toronto, Canada [03/23] Mistress Remi, Calgary, Canada [03/21] Mistress Morganna / Lady Diva Cane, Edmonton, Canada (Also here, here) [03/20] Mistress Marine, Montreal, Canada (watch out for sound effects [03/03] The Empress, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [02/27] Mistress Desiree, Vancouver, Canada (Also here, here, here, here) [02/27] Mistress Onyx, Vancouver, Canada (Also here, here, here, here, here) [02/18] Kink Den, Toronto, Canada [02/05] Mistress Enya, Vancouver / Burnaby, Canada [01/22] Maitresse Anglie, Montreal, Canada [01/16] Mistress Mia, Toronto, Canada [01/12] Ms Kitty Le Rouxx, Vancouver, Canada [12/22] Mistress Anis, Montreal, Canada [12/15] Dreaded Amazonia, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [12/05] Vancouver Mature Dommes / Mistresses Danelda & Enya, Vancouver, Canada [11/18] Mistress Sydnee, Winnipeg, Canada [11/14] Mz Scream, Toronto, Canada [11/11] Red Velvet Dungeon, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada [11/08] Mistress Demonika, Toronto, Canada [11/04] My Divine Mistress / Mistresses Eva & Savannah, Vancouver, Canada [11/04] Mistress Miko, Vancouver, Canada [10/18] Madame Zophia, Montreal, Canada [10/18] Lady Evyl, Montreal, Canada [09/16] Silvia XXX Fetishworld, Toronto, Canada [09/16] Mistress D, London, Ontario, Canada [08/05] Mistress Courtney Dicknail, Vancouver, Canada [07/29] Lady Maitresse Tanya, Longueuil / Montreal, Canada [06/29] Mistress Orabella, Toronto, Canada [06/05] Mistress Sadie, Montreal, Canada [05/21] Mistress Courtney, Vancouver, Canada [05/15] The Duchess, Toronto, Canada [05/07] Kassandra Kane, Ottawa, Canada [04/10] Kinky Krystina and Sticky Sugar, Toronto, Canada [04/08] Lady Mystique, Winnipeg, Canada [04/07] Mistress Marine, St-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada [03/17] Domina Katarina, Vancouver, Canada [02/24] Baroness V, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [02/21] Marina Black, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [02/20] Princess Camilla, Montreal, Canada [02/17] Lady Chyna, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [02/17] Mistress Aria, Toronto, Canada [02/15] Mistress Yuliya Kate, Vancouver, Canada (Also here) [02/12] Mistress Freyja, Vancouver, Canada [02/12] Mistress Katina, Toronto, Canada (Also here, here, here) [02/03] Maitresse Aveena, Montreal, Canada (Also Calgary) [01/31] Ms.London is the third most expensive city to live in, coming just behind super-wealthy cities in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.