I kind of pattern myself after those entertainers and artists of yesteryear and just say, 'Hey, I'm blessed that I get to wake up every morning and be creative'.

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Essentially, the narrative of Azalea’s crash-and-burn star story is one of a minority voice of dissension and disapproval becoming the majority voice… For her part, Azalea has only ever fanned the flames with acts of self-sabotaging spectacle and ill-considered outbursts, making it easier for the people who already didn’t like her to dislike her even more and for people who once considered themselves fans to reevaluate their loyalty.

With that in mind, let’s explore the fascinatingly bizarre past year of Azalea’s many ups and downs. It holds the top spot for seven weeks, eventually becoming Billboard’s official Song of the Summer.

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Azalea’s defense of choice in these scenarios was to often cast herself as an “other” — a white woman in the predominately black, male world of hip-hop — which ultimately made her sound even more tone deaf and out of touch.

All of this is to say that, even before “Fancy,” before she became a bonafide star, the groundwork had, in many ways, already been laid for her eventual fall from favor.

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