“Somehow we haven’t gotten tired of one another,” Islam says.

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Ice dancing partners for five years, Canadians Alexandra Paul, 22, and Mitchell Islam, 23, make an adorable couple.

Paul likes Islam's friendship and fun personality, and he likes her love of working hard—so much so that they're dating and live together.

I've loved the sport since childhood, when we had a decent few Black skaters - Debi, Surya, and often forgotten Rory.

I did lose interest after a while because the sport reverted to vanilla, but now that we have Mae, Vanessa, and Starr, I'm paying strict attention once more.

He attended Toronto's Malvern Collegiate Institute. His first recurring TV role was on How to be Indie as Carlos Martinelli. He appeared in the 2013 sci-fi thriller The Colony with Laurence Fishburne.

On weekend mornings, I love nothing more than to lounge and watch figure-skating videos.OMG that's a shirt in her hand, why was he shirtless in her house? "Oh um …..thanks, Sarah this is Vanessa "Ethan said"Hi I am Vanessa but you already know that because Ethan just told you" Vanessa said with a goofy smile. She was sweating just like Ethan, they both had a secret and I hope its not what I think it is.I put on a fake smile."Hi I am Sarah, Ethan's girlfriend" I said"Hey Ethan and Sarah oh and who is this" Benny said taking Vanessa's hand and was about to kiss it.Sarah POVI'm walking in the hall and then I see this girl hug Ethan really tight.I don't want to become a jealous freak I just want to know who she is.Vanessa is older than Morgan; usually the woman is younger than the man.