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Sarah gave birth prematurely but baby Billy lived for only three days.

Sarah's next love was was Todd's older half brother, Jason Grimshaw.

She was first introduced in November 1999, created by then-head writer Tom Langan.

She made her return on January 7, 2013, and remained until April 16, 2013.

Her birth reunited Gail and Brian after their divorce but it was Gail and Martin who raised her as Brian died when Sarah was two after being stabbed by a group of thugs.

At thirteen, Sarah had a baby daughter, Bethany, and raised her with her family's support (Neil Fearns, Beth's father, stayed away).Chloe, who is also an opera singer, has diverted away from her early dark image over the years.Sarah Louise Platt (née Tilsley, previously Grimshaw) is the daughter of Gail Rodwell and the late Brian Tilsley, the adoptive daughter of Martin Platt, the older half-sister of David and the younger sister of Nick Tilsley. Get the rundown on his love life and his ex-wife Dr. Brown is a doctor as well, specializing as a pediatrician. Stork is not currently reported to be in a relationship. Charlotte Brown in 2012, but the marriage only lasted until 2015, according to People.Bjorlin returned to the role, in a two-episode stint in celebration of the soap's fiftieth anniversary celebration on August 3, 2015.