I’ve always had a thing for people who don’t like me. Like, a sexual thing for anyone who definitely isn’t interested, can’t possibly be interested, and will never be interested in me.

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“We see Orthodox Jews being forced into stifling arranged marriages or secular Jews in super casual relationships,” Gottfried said at a recent screening of in Manhattan.

“Never anything in between.” To accomplish this, Gottfried said she wanted to show the awkward, comedic side of dating.

Any longtime LA resident can vouch for me here, the people you will encounter and attempt to love in this city are their own rare breed of weird.

As an LA resident you have either been in, watched a roommate suffer through, or can anticipate to have any of the following Los Angeles dating scenarios…or all of them if you’ve picked up some bad karma along your way.

Make a reservation in the early evening and find yourself four hours later ordering yet another bottle of wine from the approachable list.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I often thought to myself “dang, everything I’ve ever heard about this city is actually true.” The good stuff and most definitely the bad stuff, too.

I knew that parking spaces and seasonal changes would soon be a distant memory.

What no one takes the time to warn you about with Los Angeles is what will soon consume your life upon moving there…dating.

“It helps to laugh about it and show we’re not alone,” she said.

Here at Eater, core staff has a theory about dating.

This situation leads to a not-so-typical romantic encounter with David and Sarah, who take short breaks from their respective dates to meet at the back of the restaurant, where they dream up mural ideas and finish each other’s sentences.