She appeared alongside Dame Julie again in the 1967 film Hawaii, and was a regular on American TV series in the 1970s and 1980s such as Logan’s Run, but her career dwindled. She was just 20 when she married her first husband but the relationship fell apart within four years after she posed nude in Playboy. A Princeton graduate, he emigrated to Australia in the mid-1980s.After a stint on the drama series Flying Doctors he turned his hand to writing and directing. He now lives with his girlfriend Robyn Nevin, an artistic director for the Sydney Theatre Company.And although Plummer, now 80, admitted he had been cruel about the movie in the past, he softened his line for the new interview: ‘There needed to be a cynic of some kind around to stop it from getting too mawkish,’ he said. I think it’s Julie’s best picture - she’s wonderful in it.’Speaking about the reunion, he said: ‘Oprah got all the kids, who had grown into decrepit old people, and it was all rather sweet. Perhaps subconsciously influenced by the film, he married an Austrian nanny called Petra Maria. Age: 60After childhood appearances in The Sound Of Music and Lord Of The Flies he was tipped for stardom, but his adult career has failed to deliver a stand-out show.

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After 14 years of marriage to Oprah's father Vernon, Barbara Winfrey is being forced out of her marital home by Oprah, leaving her homeless.

In part one of Mail Online's world exclusive interview, Mrs.

And having a very Presbyterian work ethic, I was determined never to be late, not to miss a single day's filming.

You wouldn't catch me phoning in to say, 'I think I may be coming down with the flu'.'If the opportunity presented itself, I'm not sure I'd either want or could physically do it.

While filming the Fox show, Laurie had his car windows tinted to avoid being snapped by phone cameras and stopped buying his own groceries because he 'couldn't stand people photographing the contents of my shopping basket'.

The actor, who appeared in the drama's finale last year, admitted: 'At this distance it all sounds absurd. After all, what was I doing other than playing about, telling stories with a very nice bunch of people? 'I had some pretty bleak times, dark days when it seemed like there was no escape.

Admitting she survived not only a brutal rape at the age of nine, but constant episodes of sexual molestation between the ages of 10 and 14, as well as a series of physical abuse, the star explained she had to believe in a 'power greater than herself' to get through the traumatic ordeal.

The David Letterman Distinguished Professional Lecture and Workshop Series will see the chat show king host discussions with leading figures from the worlds of business, media and academia regarding issues arising in communication and emerging media.

'He could play the dad...'''For House I also had a fake wallet with fake money in it, fake keys that didn't open anything and a fake watch that didn't tell the real time.