/netonly Use the credentials for remote access only./savecred Use credentials previously saved by the user.

Vbscript runas for validating credentials video

@Anders: No, it might not; I'm assuming the OP can "spot the pattern".

This wasn't a plz-give-me-teh-codez answer :-S By the way, I should add the OP might want some more elaborate command like No, this answer is technically incorrect. - Shows this help -wait - Waits until prog terminates -k - Starts the the %COMSPEC% environment variable value and executes prog in it (CMD. EXE, etc.) prog - The program to execute args - Optional command line arguments to prog I think I have a solution to the password problem. It asks for the password once, and than never asks for it again.

This is a question that comes up fairly often in our support forums, so I thought I would post a quick overview.

The scenario is that an admin wants to package his script as an executable to allow regular users to accomplish some type of task, which requires full administrative privileges.

VBS'v1.2 March 2001'Jeffery Hicks'[email protected] cscript|wscript VBRUNAS. VBS Username Password Command'DESC: A RUNAS replacement to take password at a command prompt.'NOTES: This is meant to be used for local access.

If you want to run a command'across the network as another user, you must add the /NETONLY switch to the RUNAS 'command.' *********************************************************************************' * THIS PROGRAM IS OFFERED AS IS AND MAY BE FREELY MODIFIED OR ALTERED AS *' * NECESSARY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.

Cert Util [Options] -setextension Request Id Extension Name Flags Set extension for pending request Request Id -- numeric Request Id of a pending request Extension Name -- Object Id string of the extension Flags -- 0 is recommended.

1 makes the extension critical, 2 disables it, 3 does both.

Earlier versions of certutil may not provide all of the options that are described in this document.