Sansón, ciego, le pidió a un joven que lo llevaba de la mano que le hiciera llegar a las columnas que sostenían la estructura del edificio en el que se encontraban él y los filisteos. Por favor, tenga paciencia mientras revisamos comentarios.

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Cuando los filisteos finalmente capturaron a Sansón, le sacaron los ojos y lo tuvieron prisionero, haciendo trabajos forzados.

Más tarde, lo usaron como espectáculo para burlarse de él.

By the mid-1970s, Anton developed a following for her Muriel Cigar commercials where she sang, "Let Muriel turn you on / That is my desire / Muriel lights a flame in me / Where there's Muriel smoke, there's fire".

Later in the 1970s, Anton appeared approximately 30 times on Merv Griffin's TV show.

He resisted marriage for so long and persuaded the superstar that it would hurt his standing among his fans — who are overwhelmingly middle aged and female.'You think you're gonna die. You think, 'Well, any second now it's just gonna explode.''I got used to it, but they'd rush me to the hospital every time,' Manilow added. He is known for being so obsessively private that he won't even reveal his dogs' names.