The first page contains special header data which the OTA DFU bootloader uses to know that the data is valid, and to know which pages to erase and which ones to rewrite.

updating bluetooth bluecore flash using iwrap-55

The i WRAP is an embedded Bluetooth stack for Bluegiga's Bluetooth classic modules.

It exposes a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface to manage Bluetooth operations.

The above points do not concern the OTA transfer mechanism implemented on the client side, although the GATT structure mentioned in the fourth point is related.

The client-side implementation involves only reading the binary firmware image produced by the SDK, and using GATT methods to initiate the process, transfer the data, and trigger the DFU-mode reset. The OTA image file format is divided into 2 k Byte pages of data.

Most recently, Rexense successfully completed a development contract for the Smart Metering Implementation Program in the UK.

On a domestic basis, Rexense is directly involved with the leading university in China dedicated to education and scientific research as it relates to Zig Bee smart energy development.It features both Apple i AP1 and i AP2 profiles supporting all Apple i OS devices on the market.i WRAP6 also adds the latest versions of Bluetooth audio profiles such as AVRCP v.1.5 with media browsing capabilities, MAP profile for SMS notifications and message download and new apt X® and AAC audio codecs for improved audio experience.The AT command set abstracts the Bluetooth protocol from the host application, saving many months of programming and integration time.It provides extremely short integration times for data oriented cable replacement and voice applications.The Module has an integrated, high performance antenna which is matched with the Bluetooth RF and baseband circuitry.