With about 20,000 faculty – including Nobel laureates – and more than 80,000 health care professionals, researchers student advisors and support staff, the UT System is one of the largest employers in the state.

The UT System ranks third in the nation in patent applications, and because of the high caliber of scientific research conducted at UT institutions, the UT System is ranked No.

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This is the official investor website for The University of Texas System.

For bondholder convenience, we have created separate investor sites for the two different debt programs that the System uses to access capital to fund its infrastructure projects: the Permanent University Fund debt program and the Revenue Financing System debt program.

Part of the Deep South region, Texas has a significant global reach, through its distinctive culture and heritage – from rodeos to Texan barbecues, and country music to cowboys.

Due to its large scale (it’s the second-biggest US state, after Alaska), Texas differs significantly in climate and geography depending on where you are.

It then began sending a large amount of spam to those email addresses.

White Buffalo Ventures, a dating service, used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the email addresses of all of the University of Texas students.

However, the appellate court took its own approach to the question.

It made its decision on the very narrow ground that the CAN-SPAM Act is ambiguous and therefore there was a presumption against preemption of state law and regulations: On the first amendment/free speech claim espoused by the spammer, the court found that the university's use of its anti-solicitation policy to block the plaintiff's unsolicited e-mails, which had drawn complaints from students, was a permissible regulation of commercial speech based on university's interest in protecting “user efficiency,” but the court held that the university's interest in “server efficiency” could not support challenged action (“The server efficiency interest is almost always coextensive with the user efficiency interest, and the fit is sufficient for the latter; but declaring server integrity to be a substantial interest without evidentiary substantiation might have unforeseen and undesirable ramifications in other online contexts”).

Texas also has a strong standing in the technology, biomedical sciences and aerospace sectors.