But as I sat down to read my husband’s letter, my entire mood shifted.He talked about how grateful he was for our marriage and how excited he was to become a dad in the new year.

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The FTDNA community are very quick at answering questions, many of which already have answers on their forum.

When you buy a FTDNA test, you’re buying into a vast community of genetic genealogists 🙂 – Anonymous, DNA Testing Choice 3/18/16I often receive an e-mail saying that FTDNA has found a new “match” for me. I e-mailed them asking them why I keep getting these alerts when there is nothing new to view.

This time of year I try to remember our Christmas together after we got married. No stockings, gingerbread houses, or Christmas cards. We tried to get into the Christmas spirit by cutting out paper snowflakes and downloading Christmas songs from i Tunes.

It was my first Christmas away from home, and we were far away teaching English in China. We even found a tiny 6-inch Christmas tree in the city.

4) The Seven Heavens and Seven Hells don't seem to exist, at least according to Jon's account of the afterlife, or lack thereof.

The Lord of Light helped resurrect him, but where was he while Jon was dead.

There are presents to buy and wrap, Christmas cards to make and send, lights to hang, and goodies to make.