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” In a hotel bathroom, he tearfully wrote the chorus of this song.

Fast forward a few months to when Epp was assigned to mentor a group of talented young performers; among the participants in the program was Faouzia.

The Grand Prize winning duet, “The Sound” is the perfect synergy between the seasoned Canadian troubador Matt Epp and the Morocco-born Manitoba-raised 16-year old phenom Faouzia.

A great duet can be magical, and “The Sound” is just that.

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Atletico's head coach Diego Simeone, right, and player Gabriel Fernandez "Gabi" take their seats for a news conference at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid, Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

The collaboration came about when Epp was on tour in Germany and received an email from his infant daughter, who he had been writing to since she was a newborn.

The unexpected email from her read "What sound does a longing heart make?

Perhaps unlikely kindred spirits, Epp and Faouzia formed a quick friendship, and they finished the song together.

The song went to #1 on the Top 20 CBC radio chart in Canada, and it recently earned the SOCAN No.

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