There is a long history of widespread prostitution in the city, dating back to the gold rush and fueled in part by industries that are staffed predominantly by men (e.g., oilfield work, fisheries).Sex trafficking has also been identified in the city and surrounding areas, including the Mat-Su Valley, and such cases have been investigated and successfully prosecuted.Billy Brown still faced one misdemeanor charge of unsworn falsification, Ami Brown faced no charges and their four sons, together, faced more than 25 charges of unsworn falsification and theft.

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Before Thursday's hearing, Assistant Attorney General Lisa Kelley of the state's Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals said the court case could go several different ways.

Prosecutors can refile felony charges against the Browns.

"The parties are in discussion about a resolution of the case that might fit within the parameters that the court outlined in our last conversation.

I think it's going to take a little more work," said James Mc Gowan, attorney for Billy Brown, the family patriarch, who had his 63rd birthday Thursday.

Believe it or not, some entertainers actually have hearts, consciences and significant others that they are faithful to. And if Jolene doesn't oblige, I'm guessing there are dozens more "fans" in his phone who will.

Duke, on the other hand, clearly has not had enough musical success, fan adulation, critical acclaim and bright spotlights to sooth his insecurities and pump up his ego. I don't think that any kind of come-to-Springsteen talk with Duke will steer him on the straight and narrow. But someone should warn poor Alice that while she might think they're "Islands in the Stream," the waters are, and always will be, really really rough.He's framing it as a lifestyle and spiritual choice but I can't get past the fact that it looks like pre-approved infidelity. These days, there is an evolving spectrum of normalcy when it comes to relationships.It's true that monogamous twosomes still rule the roost, but more couples are leaning toward "monogamish" arrangements where some form of sexual activity beyond the primary couple is acceptable.The case against Billy Brown, his wife Amora "Ami" Brown and four of their adult children has grown complicated after Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg not only rejected a proposed plea deal last month, saying that lying on Permanent Fund dividend applications deserves jail time, but also dismissed felony charges against the Brown parents.So when the status hearing started Thursday, many of the 60 charges originally filed against the Browns had already been thrown out because of technical problems with the prosecution's case.Really they just went out a couple times and had crazy chemistry and crazier sex (usually after getting into stupid fights) and it didn't take them long to decide they should be just friends.