Judge Watson rejected that argument, preventing the administration from halting the flow of refugees. Hawaii was the first state to sue over Mr Trump's revised ban.

US District Judge Derrick Watson issued the longer-lasting hold on the ban hours after hearing arguments.

Hawaii says the policy discriminates against Muslims and hurts the state's tourist-dependent economy.

Many early digital computers used punched cards, often prepared using keypunch machines, as the primary medium for input of both computer programs and data.

While punched cards are now obsolete as a recording medium, as of 2012, some voting machines still use punched cards to record votes.

James Watson, 52, is charged with three counts of gross sexual imposition in Stark, Hettinger and Golden Valley counties and continuous sexual abuse of a child in Stark and Golden Valley counties.

The police chief is accused of having sex with a minor under the age of 15 dating back to 2011.

Sackett is scheduled to plead guilty in August to one count of attempted child sex trafficking stemming from an undercover Homeland Security Department investigation in October 2013 in North Dakota.

According to court documents, Sackett arrived at a motel in Williston, North Dakota, after texting with an agent posing as a man soliciting sex with a 12-year-old girl.

Authorities say some of these acts happened on a weekly basis.

Mike Sackett, the Priest Lake man who beat the Environmental Protection Agency in the nation’s highest court and plans to plead guilty to attempted child sex trafficking, remains employed by Spokane developer Harley Douglass ahead of his sentencing while allegedly failing to pay area contractors a half-million dollars for work in North Idaho.

The implied message in the revised ban is like a “neon sign flashing 'Muslim ban, Muslim ban”' that the government did not bother to turn off, state Attorney General Douglas Chin told the judge.