Invoice discounting makes funds available against works executed and invoiced, prior to the customer being paid or to enable the customer to meet project deadlines.This saves our customers money by avoiding the operational costs that accrue from delays.All costs to operate the loan fund are paid by borrowers.

Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd can establish international current accounts in most of the world’s major currencies.

A form of borrowing normally used to help a business deal with unexpected costs.

Whiles waiting for the disbursement of an approved loan or financing package from a traditional bank, NDK can provide your business with short-term loans.

Bridge financing can be established to complete orders, complete and continue with projects, or to take advantage of opportunities that require cash immediately.

Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd — in conjunction with other banks/lenders — will provide large, long term loans to one or more borrowers.

Although there may be many lending institutions involved, there is only one loan agreement.

The bonds are repaid by participants in the program at no cost to the state or taxpayers.

The amount and type of loan security required depends on the borrower and the type of project.

NDK provides loans to finance the payment of customs duties, and other clearing charges associated with transporting goods into or outside of Ghana.

NDK also provides Pre-Shipment Finance to cater for funds required for the purchase of raw materials, components and parts to fulfill international sales orders.

The Department may grant loans to individuals, cities and local governments, farming partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations and cooperatives, irrigation and water control districts, and others meeting the lending criteria under the program.