While Sags have gusto and can be initiators and trailblazers, they are also malleable and don’t mind compromising with Scorpio, who likes to be in charge and set the pace of the relationship.

She won't believe a complete stranger in the matters of the heart.

She needs to know them profoundly, before taking the plunge.

Sagittarians are very boisterous, audacious, and loquacious. Scorpions on the other hand, are very passionate and loyal lovers as well as strong and ambitious.

Sagittarians take things and even relationships casually but Scorpions are very serious towards their relationships. Ask our experts who will give you the right kind of advice.

A Sagittarius man is very expressive whereas a Scorpio woman is secretive.

This may cause a lot of problems and ultimately can result in ending of the relationship.

Neighbors in the zodiac, Scorpio and Sagittarius can be really compatible if both of them work upon it slowly, and bridge the gap of differences.

If you are either of these two signs, then perhaps you would want to read this Buzzle write-up further. Scorpio and Sagittarius have water and fire as base elements and demonstrate qualities that are as dissimilar as their elements.

The relationship of Scorpio and Sagittarius can be rocky but at the same time highly stimulating.