Reed also posted this message Tuesday night: 'Our constitutional rights have been violated and since no one will do anything about it, I will.' Other posts on Reed's Facebook page include several videos and religious posts.

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Like, I have to write blog post titles that will rank high in Google searches instead of writing the titles I feel most like writing.

I’ve been on a yoga rampage—going to yoga every day for two weeks. So you think the yoga stuff doesn’t apply to you, but it does. If you want to change the world in a direct way, you should work for someone.

She is not only a staunch foe of abortion but also the mother of a boy, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome just a few months before John Mc Cain chose Palin as his running mate.

The souvenir program for this evening’s dinner is full of displays for local politicians and businesses, attesting to their pro-life bona fides.

It offers the rare pleasure of an author directing his own book, and doing it well.

No one who loves the book will complain about the movie, and especially not about its near-ideal casting.They are Sam and Patrick, played by Emma Watson in her own coming-of-age role after the "Harry Potter" movies, and Ezra Miller, who was remarkable as an alienated teenager in "We Need to Talk About Kevin." Charlie makes the mistake of assuming they are a couple, and Sam's laughter corrects him; actually, they're half-siblings.Charlie is on the edge of outgrowing his depression and dorkdom, and is eerily likable in his closed-off way.Most of us would benefit from a more broad view of helping people.For example, working at a company that sells widgets and being an amazing manager actually improves the lives of employees and their families.Secretary of State's Office spokesman Chris Powell says Capitol Police arrested Reed early Wednesday.