For those using php BB, V3.1 is nearing and is presently at Release Candidate 3.One of the major changes is that modifications to the core code have been replaced with "extensions" that are somewhat easier to manage, but harder to develop.

phpbb3 version not updating acp-67phpbb3 version not updating acp-80phpbb3 version not updating acp-58

Your Portal Version: 2.1.0 Your php BB Type: Standard php BB3 MODs installed: Yes Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge Boardlink: Description and Message Hi The setting "Can view the Portal" is missing for all groups and NRU and Registered users cannot see the portal. I've installed on localhost to test and the same setting is missing there for all groups aswell test Pass: test123 I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no joy.

Thanks Just checked into this further and this was my solution to registered users not being able to see the portal.

php BB 3.1.6 php BB 3.1.7 pl1 So the issue does exist, Now the question is why?

Tmod Ok found the file and code that was causing the issue for me. When I commented out the code below the "Can view the portal" option returned in 3.1.7 pl1.

Custom BBCodes can be arranged and sorted in any order and assigned to specific usergroups (such as Moderators and Admins only).

Extremely lightweight and none-invasive careful integration of php BB3 and Joomla!The extension is only active if user registration in the ACP is set to `By Admin`.View Extension This extention add Hosting Pics service on php BB 3.1. Please note: This service this extension uses is a French only service, due to this, some message's are in French only.This update package provides .patch files containing changes made from previous versions of php BB.This package should only be used if you are familiar and confident with patching.It’s one of the best seamless forum CMSs out there — and to top it all, it’s free and open source, so we can customise it to our heart’s content. Head over to the download page of php BB, and download the software.