A double-life is nothing new to the actor, it's just become more apparent in recent years.

Since 2013, she's played Orange Is the New Black's hard-as-nails inmate Maria Ruiz, who suffered through a pregnancy while incarcerated and was forced to give her baby away.

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After a breakout season, 'Orange Is the New Black' star is working hard to balance acting with life as a death-metal frontwoman It's just after 6 p.m.

on a Friday, and Duff's – a noisy heavy-metal bar adorned with autographed memorabilia and jagged-looking instruments in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – has just opened its doors to the sober, work-weary masses.

Yet Steele possessed a warped, black sense of humour, as demonstrated by his appearance on the cover of Playgirl magazine in August 1995 complete with the strapline "Type O Negative's naked Peter Steele gets rock hard for you".

It was also well to the fore on album titles like 1992's The Origin Of The Feces or unlikely cover versions such as the Santana medley – "Evil Ways/Oye Como Va/Black Magic Woman", of course – included on a bonus CD packaged with their 2006 Live DVD Symphony For The Devil.

Joseph on the same model, and in the same spirit, as the Sisters of the Visitation before they adopted enclosure." The constitutions which Father Médaille wrote for the sisters are borrowed from the rules of St.

Ignatius, the saintly founder adding observations from his own experience.

According to the rule, each community was to consider as its superior the bishop of the diocese, who was to appoint a spiritual father to accompany him, or, in his absence, to preside at the election of superiors and perform such offices as the necessities of the community might require.

Father Médaille prescribed three months, at least, for the probation time of a postulant, and four years for novitiate training, two years preparatory, and two years after the making of the vows, which are final.

On 15 October, 1650, he addressed them as a religious community, placed them under the protection of St.

Henri de Maupas, a friend and disciple of the great St. The bishop invited the aspirants to assemble at Le Puy where shortly afterwards he placed them in charge of the orphan asylum for girls.

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