I just dont know how serious some males would take you if you are doing it on the second date.

Giving oral and then making it clear that you will not have sex sends a mixed message also....

For some reason, I expected to walk into a tittering bachelorette party, but everyone is taking it so seriously they're just short of getting out notebooks.

A couple in their 40s eagerly await the class, the man wearing a Samuel L.

I know that sex doesn't necessarily mean putting a P in the V.

I know that oral sex doesn't happen only between a man and a woman.

I know I should speak up more in situations like this; but I'm just wondering when people will stop thinking that rough hand jobs and hard thrusting are pleasing moves to a woman. Unfortunately, they roam free in this big, big world.

A strong woman ought to be looking for more than a guy who treats her vagina like a masturbation tool fitted only for his pleasure.

This also meaning that there has not been intercourse- and it was made clear that there would not be, prior to messing around?

Would you see that girl as "easy", for taking things even that far on a second date? Yes, I would say it might mess with the guys head a bit........

I'm not trying to be awkward and weird with my heteronormativity. So for the sake of flow and consistency, I'm going to refer to oral sex from my perspective — that is, sucking that good dick. It takes a lot of work and a quite a bit of trust, and it's way more intimate than regular, run-of-the-mill sex.