(Well, you need to unlock your wallet too.) Just do a ciscoasa(config)# sh activation-key Serial Number: JMXXXXXXXXX Running Activation Key: 0xblahblah 0xblahblah 0xblahblah 0xblahblah 0xblahblah Licensed features for this platform: Maximum Physical Interfaces : 8 VLANs : 3, DMZ Restricted Inside Hosts : 10 Failover : Disabled VPN-DES : Enabled VPN-3DES-AES : Enabled VPN Peers : 10 Web VPN Peers : 2 Dual ISPs : Disabled VLAN Trunk Ports : 0 Advanced Endpoint Assessment : Disabled This platform has a Base license.

The flash activation key is the SAME as the running key.

This file, placing your custom background image on the TFTP server, and selecting the new background on the phone.

See either the video or the written process below for details!

Back after 10 years with a different lineup, they sound the same, but different. The philosophical drummer, the narcissistic lead singer, the flaky guitarist; they are still somewhere out there in the world, doing designer drugs in their luxury penthouses, or shopping for Maalox at Safeway in their flip flops. and it not-so-subliminally makes me think to look for the missing activation key on my Cisco ASA.

A Cisco ASA with a Base license, compared with an ASA with a Security Plus license: They can boot with identical image files, use identical hardware and identical config. Like that old myth about humans using only 10 percent of their brains, the advanced features for the Cisco ASA are there in the boot image, they just need to be unlocked via license keys.

However, it will impact administrative users and Celerra Manager access temporarily - only about 5 ~ 10 minutes while the CS reboots.

Therefore, it is recommended that this reboot be done at a convenient time.

In my day job, I support a company that has extension mobility configured across many locations.

We see a variety of problems that occur - mostly from misconfiguration (we didn't install it :) ).

Cisco Phone Designer can also be used to change the background on an IP Phone, but note the limitations of this Cisco widget in the End-of-Life announcement.

However, you are preparing to be a CCIE and will need to know how to get dirty and do it as detailed below.

If it is not going to be convenient to reboot the CS, then consider using the command line version procedure as an alternative.