This time you can make things better and move forward in a healthy, positive relationship.

The truth of the matter is that there is no magic fix to repair a broken relationship.

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No matter how tough the odds may seem after getting dumped, there are no rules that say you can't get back with your ex.

It always amazes me that the first piece of advice our friends offer after a breakup is “move on.” Before I show you how to get past all this negativity, let me introduce myself.

Many men have had the experience of entering what they thought was their dream relationship only to find out months down the road that their dream had turned into a nightmare.

This woman may have appeared to be the dream partner that you had spent your lifetime looking for, someone who truly understood you the way no one else ever had.

My name is Elliot, and helping people with dating disasters has been my underground passion ever since my days in the fraternity house at college.

I created this site years ago as a way to share my ideas and things just sort of grew from there.

She may have only chosen to acknowledge the qualities in you she liked, ignoring the qualities she didn’t.

You also might not have known that she chose to only show you the qualities she believed you would like and may have hidden the qualities she feared would cause you to reject her.

It’s simply a matter of knowing what to do and when.

If you take the correct actions at the correct time you can find yourself back together quicker than you imagined.

In another, Klecker allegedly scoured his ex’s condo for the boyfriend, calling his name – with a gun drawn. Investigators couldn’t prove they were planted, but in Klecker's termination letter, the sheriff's department made those suspicions clear.“Although this investigation did not find clear evidence that you planted drugs in her vehicle, it did determine you were egregious in your attempts to have her pulled over and arrested,” the letter to Klecker said.