Most likely you don’t know about it, but there are many fake online dating sites related to Russian or to Ukrainian brides out there.In other words, you will think you are corresponding with a lady, but in fact it will be a sophomore student answering all the letters, to make you pay a subscription fee or just stay on the site.Usually men first try to find their Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart on various social networks, to no avail.

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Let us be generous and assume that every agency has 5 web sites. And each site claims to have women from a different city... They never could and never will be able to catch up with Boris and Victor. It is simple - don't be on defensive side checking restlessly all these instantly outdated scammers black lists.

In this case an average of 350,000 Russian brides websites on the Net gives us a staggering number - 70,000 introduction businesses!

In most cases they are just having a good time with their virtual friends there.

But if you make serious advances, they will most likely just laugh at you and will block your account.

Australia has one of the toughest Internet regulation in the world. During all these years, while I was growing this business here, in Melbourne, I was getting a lot of emails from all around the world about the "dark side" of Russian women Internet introduction.

To run website with Australian domain name (ending . AU) one needs to be a registered Australian business, hence pass various regulatory checks, has ACN and ABN, legitimate address and telephone number, etc. Many of my current customers have suffered disappointments before they found our site. And many of them eventually shared their experiences with me.

Hi, my name is Vladimir Korovine and I am running this Russian brides introduction service in Australia since year 2000.