It also offers opportunity for reflections on Black/Jewish relations in the U. “Mandarins, Jews, and Missionaries’ reads, in many ways, like an adventure story, crisscrossing geographic locations and transcending ages. Pollack has sniffed out every available clue on the Chinese Jews: his research is solid and well documented.Both in terms of relating the history of the Chinese Jews and tracing their impact on the Western mind, there is no better work available.” – Anson Laytner, “Judaism” This uproariously funny satire about relations between African Americans and Jews is as fresh and outrageous today as when it was first published in 1974.

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I am the kind of nice Jewish girl who gives my mother nightmares.

I'm not on the run from the law, I didn't skip Hebrew school to get my belly button pierced, and no, as a teenager, I didn't break into the synagogue vault where they keep the Manischewitz for kiddush after Shabbat services.

My skin color, my hair texture and my facial features all betray my desire to blend in.

I only wish I could tell all the gawkers outright that, just two years ago, I was a non-practicing Catholic running around in cleavage-enhancing tank tops and short shorts. It's a question that converts--especially those of us who don't aesthetically blend in--are asked incessantly over the course of our journey into Judaism.

However this doesn’t apply to whites it seems, it isn’t acceptable apparently for whites to want to date other whites, that is the ‘height of racism’ according to some.

It is only acceptable for whites to go on dating websites that in reality are pro multiculturalism dating websites and miscegenation dating websites, this is essentially what they are, they don’t cater for whites, they cater for a multiracial society in which whites are being mixed out of existence.

On Facebook, there is an anti true racial diversity group called ‘Mixed Nation’ that promotes miscegenation and posts pictures of mixed race adults and children with slogans such as ‘perfect lil blends’, ‘beautifully blended’, and ‘mixed just right’, yet countless Facebook pages that want to promote white race preservation and show the unique beauty and diversity of the white race have been closed down for apparently violating the rules and regulations of Facebook on the grounds of ‘racism.’ Could you imagine the reaction to slogans such as ‘perfectly white,’ or ‘white nation,’ or how about ‘perfectly non-blended’?

Maybe somebody should set up such a page and see how long it lasts.

Many people make assumptions: "Oh, she's just doing it to marry a Jew." And for the non-Caucasian convert, the journey is complicated by race and ethnicity. But being Jewish is what I identify with most of all, even though people can't see it.

I am Hispanic, a first-generation Dominican-American. At 12 years old, when I told my Catholic mother that I wanted to be Jewish, she slapped me silly.

(That my mother knows of, at least.) For the most part, I'm exempt from all of these crimes.