A marriage based on mutual love is something that has only recently gained enormous popularity and became the norm in many countries.

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Whether accompanied by their visiting wives, Japanese girlfriends or prostitutes known as “pan pan girls,” American soldiers modeled the behavior they knew from home: public displays of affection and leisure time spent with women at cafés, parks or the movies.

And inside those movie theaters, American movies offered even more examples of Western mating rituals to a Japanese public at once hesitant and intrigued by the bold behaviors of their American counterparts.

Because women have these traditional roles they expect high respect from men.

These women have strong minds and are not afraid to speak their mind and be blunt.

Here, it is not the boys who often make the first step of asking girls to go on a date with them, rather the girls take this part and they also take the responsibility of paying for the date.

The most common dating places preferred by couples are dinner parties, barbecues, or the beach. In Finland for example, groups as large as thirty teens take part in an event together, such as going to the movies.

Bulgarians are passionate and can come off as possessive.

Dating is a long process because Bulgarians do not let their guards down easily.

Before the war, most marriages in Japan were arranged by the bride's and groom's parents.