Seventeen-year-old Taha El Baf and his three brothers are feared to be fighting with IS, after leaving Australia under the guise of a holiday to Thailand last November.

In a separate incident, two teenage brothers were allegedly detained at Sydney …

Answer: You should use "weren't," not "wasn't," when you are making a statement contrary to fact, as in an "if" sentence such as: "if his letter weren't published." "Weren't" is correct because this is a condition that hasn't happened, and only might happen.

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And while the word "dating" is thrown around a lot, we have a feeling that's a very subjective term in Aubrey Drake Graham's case. This [game] is really bad…How did you not tell me about this?

recent dating speculation was quashed pretty quickly, so we'll leave Swift out of this.) We don't mean that he's manipulating women who want more; rather, every time he's in the proximity of a woman for any reason, she becomes his rumored new love interest."I don't know if it was a date," he told Ellen De Generes in 2013 when he was quizzed about an outing to Disneyland with Tyra Banks. " (He and Tyra stayed friends, as last year's "Child's Play" video showed.)Kat Dennings made the Q&A cut as well, and Drake explained: "I just always had a huge crush on Kat and she was kind enough one night to oblige me and we went out for dinner.""He's a lovely person.

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 23: Recording artist Drake performs onstage at the 2016 i Heart Radio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The guy got so mercilessly curved by Rihanna at Sunday night’s VMAs — to recap, he professed his decadelong love for her; she gave him a kiss on the cheek — that he’s been forced to take to Instagram to prove that he really is Rihanna’s boyfriend and not just some strange guy who’s always following her around and asking her to sign his yearbook.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Drake posted a shot of himself and Rih engaged in what certainly looks like couple-y behavior, which Drake fans quickly surmised came from the couple’s rumored date at Toronto’s aquarium earlier this month.

This month, he's cuddling up with Jennifer Lopez.

While both parties have yet to confirm or deny the relationship rumors, the pair -- cleverly dubbed "Dra Lo" by the Internet -- haven't been shy about fueling them by sharing their moments together on social media.

The Toronto rapper recently posted a photo of him snuggling with J. He's also been attending multiple shows for her Las Vegas residency.