In 1996 she moved to New York and went to Barnard College. She has been featured in a number of movies and TV shows.

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There are a number that are frustratingly absent - you know how there's kind of a generic white man and a generic white woman?

I just want to put a generic black man and a generic black woman.

Her father was an Italian American while her mother was Jewish.

She studied at The College Preparatory School there is Oakland.

She’s also a hit on Twitter, where she entertains some 354,000 fans who follow her for gems like “Weddings r cool bc u can cry in public about other stuff as long as u look in the general direction of the bride groom.” Internet popularity runs in the family. While the two are fairly close, she says she doesn’t spend a lot of time on the site, which is known for its time-wasting online quizzes.

Chelsea Peretti born as Chelsea Vanessa Peretti is one of the most popular actresses and a well renowned stand- up comedian.

Hold the phone – Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele are married!

The two comedy stars pulled off a hush-hush elopement, according to Peretti's Instagram account. Our only witness was this lil guy," the stars Peele and Keegan-Michael Key were explaining how to tell the two apart.

She had written the six episodes of the television show Parks and Recreation from 2011 to 2012.