For some adherents of each, religious law also dictates political life, such as for whom to vote.Despite this kinship, there are those in the Jewish community who would condemn Islam and sharia, arguing that, unlike Judaism, Islam is not worthy of the protections of American law.This Article demonstrates that political actors also entrench themselves and their policies through an array of functional alternatives.

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Thus we see parties, politicians, and prevailing coalitions continually strategizing to lock in their gains, battening down their offices and policies against the winds of political change.

As far as public law is concerned, such efforts at political “entrenchment” are viewed as dubious at best.

Similarities between Judaism and Islam are easy to see.

Both are monotheistic religions for whom the Lord is One. In both, law is central, and personal and social existence is governed by a divinely ordained legal system.

The Missouri Supreme Court agreed and set aside Simmons' death sentence in favor of life imprisonment without eligibility for release. S., at 319--provides adequate justification for imposing that penalty on juveniles. There is little doubt that Simmons was the instigator of the crime.

(b) Both objective indicia of consensus, as expressed in particular by the enactments of legislatures that have addressed the question, and the Court's own determination in the exercise of its independent judgment, demonstrate that the death penalty is a disproportionate punishment for juveniles. Moreover, even in the 20 States without a formal prohibition, the execution of juveniles is infrequent.So I’ve brought a quiet title action in the Land Court to have the judge decree that my client is the rightful owner of the property.We have published a legal notice in the local Queens, NY newspaper and will need to file affidavits demonstrating that my client’s side of the family owned and cared for the property for decades.Cost and Time Quiet title actions are not for the faint of heart or inexperienced attorneys.Only a handful of lawyers in Massachusetts do these on a regular basis, and I happen to be one of them.For helpful comments and suggestions, the authors thank Will Baude, Adam Cox, Michael Farbiarz, Catherine Fisk, Heather Gerken, Jacob Gersen, Don Herzog, Sam Issacharoff, Michael Klarman, Rick Pildes, John Rappaport, Daphna Renan, Shalev Roisman, David Schleicher, David Skeel, and Adrian Vermeule, along with workshop participants at the NYU School of Law, the University of Chicago Law School, and the University of Virginia School of Law.