Surprisingly, the boost speed for the War Raider was faster than the Cylon Raider, 85 compared to the Interceptor class which was only 75.

This may have been a mistake made by the developers, or a deliberate move as the War Raider is much more valuable.

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Among the association's grievances is an increase in their members' meal allowances for international trips.

The association's Christopher Shabangu says, “We also still have the option of talking to management, but essentially we are going back to work tomorrow.

It happened for the past four years and it was only last year that this issue, as a consultation matter, was put on the table.”Workers are demanding their international meal allowance be increased from the current rate of $131 a day to $170 dollars which equates to R2,250.

However, it's understood this is only one of 13 points the association has.

The Cylon War Raider has few weaknesses, as its Hull points can go up to 1,000, Boost speeds reaching over 100, and its computer warfare can rival those of an un-advanced Heavy Raider.

The workers, who are employed by Prime Flight, a subcontractor for American Airlines, Jet Blue and United Airlines, say they are sick of the company threatening and intimidating them over their efforts to organize.

We are going to abide, for now, to the interdict until the decision is made by the executive of Sacca.”SAA was forced to cancel 32 flights on Wednesday as a result of the work stoppage.

Musa Zwane, the acting chief executive officer of the national carrier, says, “They will agree and you will find that the matter of meal allowances then would not take priority over the other issues that were pressing to the trade union.

Prior to that, he made his first-class debut in 2006 for Sylhet Division.