In this scenario, the researchers noted that the men who had been told they were about to meet a more intelligent woman "distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her." • If men are honest, do they really prize intelligence over looks?

Is it showing up to watch a miserable team in a snowstorm?

"Men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves," the study authors wrote.

However, the trend was reversed in the second part of the test, where the men were given an intelligence test and then informed that they were about to actually meet a woman who had either performed better or worse than them on the same test.

“The pair of them clearly didn’t care who knew about them or who was looking.” Rebecca also failed to deny she and Lotan have slept together when asked by fans.

In an attempt to avoid the question when asked if they had hopped into bed together, Rebecca wrote on Twitter: “IF that was true, I think a lot of women would be happy in that ‘position’.” The news may come as a shock to Big Brother fans as they showed no romantic interest in one another during their time in the house.

” FTW tried to distill NFL loyalty into one list, ranking all 32 NFL teams by how much they follow and love their teams.

Not only do Seahawks fans care about their team, but they’re willing to risk life and limb to be a part of that team, collectively suiting up every week to be the 12th man. All kidding aside here — which, between Bill Simmons’ rants, the misspelled tomes of Patriots fans and WEEI’s blind, self-congratulatory love of all things Tom Brady — it has to be really hard to be a Pats fan right now.The older South Stand, behind the goal, is given to away supporters and now looks out of place in its smart surroundings. The stadium doesn't have any floodlight pylons as such, but has rows of small floodlights running across the tops of the stands.The stadium is overlooked by a block of flats beyond the South Stand and it is not uncommon to see fans out on their balconies watching most of the game for nothing and others hanging flags from their balconies in support of other teams.The West Stand on one side is a good sized two tiered stand, whilst opposite is the smaller single tiered East Stand, where the vast open terrace, reputedly the country's biggest, was located until demolished in the 1990's.There is a row of executive boxes that run across the back of this stand and it has a television gantry suspended beneath its roof.No, that's not a slight on the female of the species.