You will also be asked for their driving licence number if it is known.After the form has been submitted the DVA may get back in contact with you for further information and they will take the appropriate action.People can be reluctant to report an incident or something they have seen for fear of getting too involved, or even for fear of being seen as lying, and so unfortunately many incidents do go unseen and driver’s that are not fit to drive are still in possession of their licence.

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Our reporting service is designed to inform drivers of their bad, dangerous, or reckless driving.

With this in mind it is hoped they will drive more considerately and carefully in the future epecially if they know their vehicle has lost its anonymity. In essence, the Hawthorne Effect can be summarized as individual behaviour may be altered because they know their actions are being monitored and could be reported on, with the resultant response usually being a dramatic or partial improvement.

And, in the event of a car insurance claim or the police getting involved, you’re unlikely to be found at fault. "Don’t be a tailgater yourself." After all, only a fool breaks the two-second rule.

Tailgating can be one of the most frustrating parts of driving. Take our poll to find out which is the most hated bad driving habit.

Honesty is an absolute necessity for the lawful operation of our reporting service, anything less renders our site and your report useless.

We are not a Road Rage site or a conduit for your anger, if you want to scream, shout, or abuse, please do not use this site.

Roaddriver is not a substitute for the police, if you believe that a Road Traffic Offence has been committed, we strongly advise you to report the incident and circumstances as soon as possible to your local police.

Road Driver urges you to support the police; they do a good job sometimes in very difficult circumstances; after all it is the police who have to deal with the aftermath and effects of dangerous driving.

Peter Rodger, head of driving standards at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says: "The thing is with these drivers, they’re already aggressive. "Anything you do to try and make them back off will just make them more unpredictable." So not only is there nothing to be gained by getting your own back on tailgaters, but you’re potentially creating an extra problem.