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But after a dream start, euphoria began to give way to disillusion."I started to be paid in kwanzas, the local currency, and my monthly income dropped to 1,000 euros.

You can only change money on the black market, at a really bad rate," she said, eventually leaving as the cost of living got too high.

I was housed and fed; it was paradise," the 33-year-old osteopath said.

In 2012 she had moved to Luanda, capital of the former Portuguese colony, rich in oil and diamonds.

LISBON, Portugal (AFP) — When Portugal was suffering in the depths of the global financial crisis, Marina Pereira followed thousands of her compatriots and took a job in Angola as it rode the wave of an oil boom.

But now the collapse in global crude prices has hammered the south-west African country’s economy and sent Pereira and many others like her heading back to Europe."At the start I was earning 4,200 euros (US,500) a month working in a spa.

In the beginning, a secret relationship can feel exciting and mysterious.