I’m just going day by day, don’t know any other way I don’t wanna fall down again, turning the picture around again Why do we try to love, what is it good for?Tried to find a fit that’s right, San Francisco Dating Life Won’t go to dinner, something ain’t right with San Francisco Dating Life And it’s been happening for a while, love's been going out of style People in their sorry state today, will take your heart and then throw it away Why do we try to love, what is it good for?

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Here are some ways you can turn up the heat: Flirt – Like animals there is a mating ritual that happens between humans and flirting is our way of letting someone know we are interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with them.

If you aren’t confident in this subtle art, do some research and learn to flirt.

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The good news is that even if it is only a tiny flame to begin with it can be fanned to create a furnace of desire – the trick is to not get to the bedroom too soon.

We live in an age of instant gratification and liberal attitudes.

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