Living out the rest of my life will be very hard if those men are not hanged." That Lakshmi has no interest in leniency is hardly surprising.

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Her face looks drawn and exhausted, and as she sits with a cheap printed shawl wrapped around her bird-like frame, relatives watch over in case she suffers yet another fainting fit.

She can barely bring herself to eat, and when someone offers her milk to drink, it goes untouched.

If someone is dating your kid, and you want to know, ask.

But don't profile or assume one race wearing one color means anything.

Ask her what she thinks should happen to the men arrested for gang-raping and murdering her daughter, though, and a sudden steel comes into the 46-year-old's quiet, hesitant voice. "My soul will never know any rest if the men who tormented my daughter are not hanged," she says.

"If they are not, the idea of them being in jail, eating and watching television, talking and laughing when my daughter has gone from this world will eat away at me.

If gangs are active where you live, you know how they create a climate of fear and stir up trouble in your community.

Still, the number of teens joining gangs is on the rise, and gangs are beginning to pop up in smaller towns and communities outside the inner city. But nowadays, many girls are joining gangs or hanging out with boy gang members.

Yes, many gangs have "gangbangers" out shooting up everything and each other. Jail tattoos (done with pens usually in one color and looking amateurish) can say a lot about a person's criminal history. True criminal gangs can be every race and male or female.

But some gang members are just kids with no home life trying to make a way of life with stability and culture. Other than the police or other law enforcement, no one needs to clarify for certain if someone is a gang member.

Mafioso is a common term used colloquially and by the press and academics, but it is generally not used by members of the Italian-American and Sicilian Mafia themselves.