While we haven't seen her in a relationship with another girl just yet, she revealed that she's actually thought about what it would be like to date Dove! There's no doubt that their exes would be super jealous! However, we must remember that Dove hasn't verbally confirmed that she's bisexual.

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When we talk about straight dating, we still get strangely hung up on the idea that men and women have different, specific roles.

One of the most prevalent examples of this is the idea that men are meant to pursue women.

How crazy would 2017 get if Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron started dating?

To be honest, it could actually happen which would make for one of the coolest relationships ever!

No wonder that the University of Birmingham, and the city as a whole, has welcomed the news with excitement and pride.

There seems some poetic justice in the fact that a city that is home to one of the most multicultural communities in the world (described without irony on Fox News as a “no-go area” for non-Muslims) should now, as it surely will, become a veritable Mecca for both non-Muslims and Muslims eager to examine for themselves these almost 1,400-year-old pages, which are offered in a clear, legible, even beautiful hand.The writing of the two folios (with text corresponding to chapters 18-20 in the modern Quran) has been placed somewhere between 568 and 645 CE, which is very close to the conventional dating offered for the Prophet’s ministry, 610-632 CE.Given the more than 95% accuracy of the carbon-dating involved, carried out at the Oxford University Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, this discovery indicates that these fragments are in all probability contemporary with the Prophet himself.Importantly, the deposits can be precisely dated by U-Th methods, providing the first records of Lake Bonneville's water balance changes tied to precise U-Th ages.Close agreement between paired U-Th and calibrated C dating to be used for age control in portions of the deposits less suitable for U-Th dating.Dove hasn't dated, that we know of, any girls in her past so again, this was something super new that shocked fans! Well, Bella is another star who has more openly talked about her sexuality.