In 1860, Belgian inventor Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir created a gas-fired internal combustion engine; it was the first internal combustion engine to be mass-produced in large numbers. In addition to hosting our Business Hall booth, where we’ll be showcasing the latest version of RSA Net Witness® Suite, you’ll find us in the Black Hat Network Operations…

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Combined with the ability of a man-in-the-middle to manipulate the initial cipher suite negotiation between the endpoints in the connection and the fact that the Finished hash only depended on the master secret, this meant that a man-in-the-middle, with only a modest amount of computation could break the security of any website that allowed the use of 512-bit export-grade keys.

While the exploit was only discovered in 2015, its underlying vulnerabilities had been present for many years, dating back to the 1990s.

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