But be ready for tough consequences if you offend such a girl!

If you would like to meet Southern Slavic women in real life you are recommended either to visit one of the Balkan states or to use a good dating website.

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Although there might be an increase in women getting jobs, women still only make up around 35% of employees in the workplace.

Women who do have jobs usually are not the breadwinners of the family.

Mentality of these princesses can be compared to national character of Italian and Spanish women.

Impressive vehemence harmoniously gets along with the Slavic sensitive soul.

Such countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and others have always lived side by side with Italy and Turkey.

Obviously there were many mixed marriages and that is why Southern Slavic people have such wheatish complexion.Mexican brides typically become accustomed to being housewives and full-time mothers.According to the article "Culture of Mexico," 35% of women and 75% of men participated in the economy in 1995.Generally Russian women are the most popular representative of Slavic girls in the world but they are not alone.Fortunately, ladies from other Slavic countries are also charming and attractive and men from the West would certainly agree with this opinion.Traditional gender roles are significantly influential on Mexican marriages.