The clinching evidence was provided by linking tree-ring chronologies to ice cores through two extraterrestrial events…

dating events using ice-52

On July 1, 1993, after five years of drilling, the Greenland Ice Sheet Project Two (GISP2) penetrated through the summit of the Greenland ice sheet and 1.55 meters into bedrock – recovering an ice core 3053.44 meters in depth.

The project was supported by the United States, Switzerland, and Denmark.

Figure 1: New ice core timescale of Greenland ice core NEEM NS1 (top) and Antarctica ice cores (bottom), and the effects of their forcing on a climate reconstruction from a small selection of tree rings (middle) (Sigl et al., 2015). For example, 15 of the 16 coldest summers between 500 BC and AD 1000 follow immediately after volcanic events, four of which are found shortly after the largest volcanic events in the record.

It also confirms that the so-called “AD 536 event” was a two-stage event, with two large eruptions, a Northern hemisphere eruption in AD 536, and tropical eruption in AD 540, causing over a decade of poor climate and hardship on human civilisation.

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As we’ve mentioned previously, these eruptions may even have paved the way for the Justinian plague to take hold after AD 540, which is estimated to have killed about one third of the European population, and may also have impacted the Maya civilisation.

The new chronology also shows that the GICC05 date of 1104 for a volcanic horizon attributed to the historical eruption of the Icelandic volcano Hekla is erroneous.

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