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When you think about it, it remains incredible that a relatively small country continues to have such a hold on the U. -- to the point where the White House and Congress annually recognize the day with special events. Patrick's Day is so important in America that most of Ireland's political leaders are over here rather than at home on March 17. Professor Emeritus of the Rhetoric and Celtic Studies, Assistant Dean in the College of Letters and Science, and Secretary of the Berkeley Division in the UC Academic Senate at University of California-Berkeley St. (Until recently, in Ireland it was purely a religious day.) It became a vehicle for political display by local politicians in many cities and often had the support of the local Catholic clergy. They are good for local businesses (bars, restaurants, float-makers) but equally expensive (security, clean-up) to the municipal government. boost to certain local (downtown) businesses and services. Patrick's Day, does come with social and economic costs, including litter, drunk driving and walking, and isolated incidents of antisocial behavior. Eleven percent of Americans claim Irish ancestry, so any celebration of Irishness in the United States is going to attract a lot of attention. On America's shores, they were not necessarily welcomed to express their ethnicity, but the openness of the society at least gave them the freedom to do it anyway, especially in cities with large Irish populations, like New York and Boston. But these elements became coupled with the desire to show themselves as a presence, a loyal presence in their new American home.

What are some social and economic considerations for cities considering hosting St. A key concern involves the ethnic makeup of a city. What are some social and economic considerations for cities considering hosting St. In some places, there is a significant component of political display for politicians. How can local authorities promote safety and reduce alcohol related accidents on St. I'd like to see more emphasis on other Irish traditions than drinking. A day where it's great to be Irish was welcome change for many. A day that celebrated where they came from and where they were now took on great importance, particularly for Catholic immigrants, who encountered the opposition of Know Nothings in the nineteenth century and anti-Catholic groups such as the Ku Klux Klan into the early twentieth century.

Regardless, what began as a parade in the 18th Century is today one of America’s biggest cultural holidays. Patrick’s Day” to “weather forecast.” Read on for the list of winners, expert tips and our methodology. For insight and advice on such matters, we turned to a panel of experts.

S., though some say Boston while others claim New York. As this lucky group of people expanded over the centuries, so too did American St. Chicago, for instance, gained fame for dyeing its river green, while other places are now known for their elaborate pageants, pub crawls or long processions of marching bagpipers. Our data set ranges from “Irish pubs and restaurants per capita” to “lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day can bring a sizeable economic boost to cities but challenges as well, particularly those related to safety.

Patrick was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Britain, and taken as a slave to Ireland where he lived for six years before escaping and returning to his family.

17, making it the perfect time to plan a long weekend while celebrating the luck of the Irish, and having some good, old-fashioned craic (that's Gaelic for fun). Patrick himself was not even Irish, but British: The legend goes that the man who would come to be known as St.

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