Recordset ' recordset Dim b Mark As Variant ' variable to store bookmark I open the recordset with the statements, Set rst Food Desc = New ADODB. When I try to set a bookmark using, b Mark = rst Food Desc. The default data provider for the ADO Connection object is the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC.

Cursor Location = ad Use Client '------------------------------------------------------------------------ '---------------------- CONNECTION OPTION #3 ------------------------- '-------------------- OLE DB Provider to ODBC --------------------------- '------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Error Go To Err_NO_CONNECTION con I.

******* '- My SQL -- NO SUPPORT for Cursor Location = ad Use Server ----- '- ad Use Client will allow you to set your recordset to the current form ' Populate the temp table with the My SQL records con I.

Hello, I searched for the solution, but I couldn't find a clear answer.

This may be a limitaion of the provider, or the selected locktype." I have researched the locktype enum and the provider information.

I am getting a '3251' error "Current Recordset does not support updating.

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'- OLE DB PROVIDER is considered obsolete by Microsoft from Carl Prothman '- Carl ---- Beautiful library of connection strings '------------------------------------------------------------------------ '---------------------- CONNECTION OPTION #1 ------------------------- '--------------ODBC FILEDSN connection using My ODBC Driver ------------ '------ File DSN files are Stored in a Data Source default directory --------- '------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'conn.