Ethan Kath met Alice Glass in Toronto when she was 15.He thought he had found an "undiscovered poet" after hearing her sing in her punk band Fetus Fatale. "Crimewave", "Air war", "Courtship dating" "Vanished".

At least Timbaland was using a sample; some artists steal whole songs outright.

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Sometimes, as with Beck, a well-known or better-marketed artist is using lesser-known artists for purposes of novelty.

That alone has riled some in the hard-core chiptune community.

The clip has a higher Alice Glass visibility factor than did “Courtship Dating” (she’s singing through a mesh net) and features a down on his luck zombie, mixed in with footage of Crystal Castles supremely strobed live show.

As using sounds produced on unusual 8-bit systems and game consoles grows in popularity, some artists are appropriating the music as their own.

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"Crimewave" achieved critical praise from most contemporary music critics.