*Cringe, sorry Ma* To be fair, it’s not actually love.

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KDFC is the radio home of the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera.

The station was located in the basement of Phelan Hall on the University of San Francisco campus, and was funded by the University of San Francisco, local and merchant underwriting, individual donations, and foundation grants.

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Chris Crocker is no stranger to the media; with his recent headlines of whether he’s dating former child star, Aaron Carter, or “how did Chris Crocker get so hot?

” We sat down with Crocker to discuss his recent single, “Haunts Me” and when asked why he deleted his popular You Tube channel, he had quite a lot to say. So that, in a lot of ways, other people were more attached to those videos ‘cause it helped them come out in high school, or it made them feel like they weren’t weird.

“I deleted my You Tube channel because I feel like on a website where people can leave anonymous comments and they don’t have to have their face or their name, um, or be accountable or the things they say, but can be a really negative and toxic place. Um, not just with the people; You Tube, as a whole, has never really embraced me. There were a lot of things on there that I would never say at 28 years old. and you know I’ve been doing this for 10 years, which is a long time on the internet when everything is just in the blink of an eye. The people that followed me since 2006, they weren’t watching for Leave Britney Alone. KDFC (90.3 FM) is a non-commerical radio station in San Francisco, California, which broadcasts a classical music format.It is owned by the University of Southern California, via its Classical Public Radio Network.Airports around the world have been covered in my tears as I’ve stood countlessly in the security line- waving goodbye to the 8-week “love of my life” that was standing on the other end.2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years- doesn’t matter, I’m a love whore at whatever length of time.'“ The spoke to Crocker after the release of his video to ask what the response has been, how people who identify as transgender are treated in the press and whether Britney ever reached out after that video.