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At this, fans began to discuss Fraser’s noticeably stalled career — a conversation also largely influenced by an article questioning “why Hollywood won’t cast Brendan Fraser anymore,” which is still making the rounds on social media.

Though he’s recurring on the third season of Showtime’s critically acclaimed , alongside Josh Hutcherson.

We were partners, we were colleagues, we were friends, and I couldn’t read the screenplay and not think about hearing her say it this way or that way. Casting agents put actors together and it works like that. I think she made the choice that was correct for her. You’ll have to ask her at some other Groundhog Day junket. You step into it and, maybe in certain cases they’re indelible. It’s not compulsory to see the first two to have a good time watching the third one. The most challenging aspect was actually getting to the set from the hotel, at 3 am in a mining community. She’s a very successful author and he supports her. But, they won’t admit to each other that they kind of want to get back into the game.

Maybe because, for 40 years, people made them for some despotic emperor. But, it’s fun to imagine that maybe there’s a spooky curse that went along with it. Brendan: I felt Rachel’s absence when I read the screenplay the first time, I will cop to that. In broad strokes, you think, well, it’s been seven years. There’s practically a generation that’s come of age, seeing films.

Weisz knew she was at a tipping point – and after weighing her options, she leaned backwards, towards the safety net. "Probably because I was very foolish," she says, sipping a cup of strong tea in a London hotel suite. But I was in a different moment." in 2010, and quietly wed the following year).

Then there are her sharp eyes, smoky gaze and that voice – like cut glass smudged with lipstick.Vitamin A deficiency also compromises immune system function, exacerbating many kinds of illnesses.The four features occupy two categories: science-fiction dramas, centered as it happens on science and fiction; and documentaries, one that mixes reenactments and on-set musings into its chronicle, the other that relies on multitudes of archival footage to anchor its testimonies.It all started when the trailer for Cruise’s — which takes place at a much later time than Fraser’s, and therefore finds Cruise playing a totally different character — was released on December 5th.Fans began to tweet sentiments like “The Mummy is not THE mummy without Brendan Fraser #Not My Mummy,” leading to #Not My Mummy trending on the social networking site.READ MORE: * Rachel Weisz: Discussing my marriage to Daniel Craig would be a betrayal * Daniel Craig and wife dine in Dunedin * Inside The Lobster Outside, wet to the skin, was the actor Toby Jones.