In this lesson there will be books placed on tables around the library with questionnaires for students to answer in the format of "speed dating" to help students choose a book matching their interests and reading level.

This is the second activity in a three lesson sequence.

The students should have completed the Interests and Reading Survey prior to Speed Book Dating.

book speed dating worksheet-33

* If you are going with genre groups, know that some students will have a difficult time looking at books in a genre they "don't like" (yet! * Figure out a way to have my timer app automated so the alarm goes off and then resets the time once again.

" "This book is out of my league." * If you are going with table groups, number them so students know where to go with each rotation. I thought it would be too short, but it seemed to be just right. Any more and students aren't as focused on the books. Maybe they can explore that one book in more detail.

It’s always great to have students think a program is fun, but it’s an added bonus when that program gets books into their hands that they really enjoy and actually finish.

” It made me smile to hear a senior boy pass by and say those words as I was setting up the decorations for a group of freshmen.

Directions on questionnaire and how and when to rotate books, model the appropriate way to fill out the Speed Dating questions.

Speed book dating rotation, give each student 60 seconds every rotation, and 30 seconds to answer Book Speed Dating questions.So I try to do as much as possible to talk to my students about what they’re reading and help them find books that will get them hooked!One activity that I’ve found to be extremely successful this year is a round of “Book Speed Dating.” I know that this is an activity that many librarians have done for years…it’s tried and true for a reason!Joy Kirr is a middle school teacher, author, and speaker. Her 7th grade ELA (English Language Arts) classes are working to improve their lives through student-directed learning - without marks throughout the year. Want to have her speak with your staff or facilitate a workshop? Here’s how I’ve put together this activity: I always get great feedback from teachers and students with this activity…they love it!