Peter Mac Kay, the politician, leaves the Tories with a long list of accomplishments and accolades. Follow @Canoe The 49-year-old lawyer from New Glasgow, N.

In the first decade of this century, Stronach, scion of auto parts magnate Frank Stronach, was everywhere: She served as chief executive of Magna International, then as a politician.

Initially a Conservative member of parliament, Stronach famously crossed the floor to the Liberals ten years ago and became, for a year, Canada’s minister of human resources.

Domi's wife claimed that the former Toronto Maple Leaf player told her if she did not hire a lawyer he would give her $1 million in cash and a $1.5-million house if she kept quiet about his affair with Stronach.

If she contacted a lawyer, however, she "would get nothing." "I'm not going to comment at this point in time whether it's true, it's false or it's just the opinions of others," Stronach said on CTV's Mike Duffy Live.

Stronach would cross the floor to the Liberals the next morning. Mac Kay pleaded with his ambitious colleague and lover to abandon her plan to leave the Conservatives -- and by extension him -- just days before a crucial budget vote in the House of Commons. One sweeping survey of Elmer Mac Kay's bucolic homestead makes plain why the Prince of Pictou County retreated here to nurse his heavy heart. ." he said as his voice trails off, "that's the reason." "I've been wrestling with a lot of things and reflecting on a lot of things that have happened over the past year or so. But it's not unique to me." The handsome, ruddy-cheeked 39-year-old wore an off-white work shirt layered over a dark T-shirt, his khaki pants tucked into orange rubber boots. He ended a four-year relationship with Lisa Merrithew, daughter of former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Gerald Merrithew, before he started dating Ms. He said he is poised to move forward professionally, if not personally. "I wish her and her kids, who I have a lot of affection for, happiness.

"She came back after midnight on Monday night," Mr. Several sprawling acres of gorgeous green grass, gentle rolling hills and a soaring pine forest under a blue sky lured Peter Mac Kay outdoors yesterday from the white clapboard house he stills calls home. He lugged a pitchfork and bucket as he distracted himself with planting potatoes. Mac Kay returned to his Central Nova riding on Tuesday afternoon as news of Ms.

Canadian MP Belinda Stronach, 40, has reportedly cheated with Canadian hockey star Tie Domi.

Domi and his wife were in court today getting divorced and both have now reached a temporary settlement in their divorce proceedings, less than an hour before the case was to be heard before Toronto's Superior Court.

With his dog at his heels, Mac Kay confessed he didn't see it coming and that his "heart's a little banged up." The breakup seemed amicable enough until 2006 when Stronach demanded an apology from her old flame, claiming Mac Kay called her a dog in the House of Commons. Condoleezza Rice A New York Times gossip column fuelled rumours that Mac Kay and former U. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice had a tryst during her 2006 visit to Nova Scotia.

Rice wrote in her autobiography that she was amused by the speculation of sparks flying between them.

"She was smart, she got out," said Russell Dooling of nearby Loch Broom, N.