"At that point, you can start to look for a gym with the particular activities [you want]," Florez says.

"Check with your friends and family and your co-workers about where they work out.

Upload your father’s photo to our Facebook group, Flickr group, Instagram or Twitter. Write his name a note about him, to him and to yourself.

If it gets to be a love letter, a poem or a very long message or as long as a novel (!

IQ has long been thought of as an indicator of intelligence and how well someone will do in life.

But new research has identified that EI, our emotional intelligence, is just as important as IQ.

Frank Trejo is a longtime journalist and writer, having reported on topics ranging from immigration to crime news and features.

His career has primarily been in newspapers, including 22 years at "The Dallas Morning News." Trejo also served as content developer for the University of Texas at Austin's U. Latino and Latina World War II Oral History Project (now VOCES Oral History Project).

And while coconut oil can be great for your skin, hair, and nails, …Richard Johnson had no idea how much of a struggle it would be to raise his little girl Persephone when she was born in January 2015.

At just 21 years old, the young father was faced with a harsh reality when Persephone’s mother left him just a month after the …From ballpoint pens to winter hats all the way to Chupa Chups lollipops, there are objects we use on a daily basis that contain some weird and quirky attributes.

This is because one’s social aptitudes and strengths play a huge role in how we navigate the world.

Someone who is great at calculating math, or conducting physics experiments might become a great mathematician or a leading astrophysicist.

Then he adds …In recent years, western society has gained an obsession with coconut oil.