It is often said that FCP is more stable and/or faster than Premiere, but this may have been more a reflection on the operating system than the software, dating back to the days when Windows was noticeably less stable than Mac.

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But midway through the baking process, the crust is “dowdied” – broken into pieces, then partially pushed down into the apple filling.

The unsubmerged crust pieces stay crispy and golden to top, while the portion that gets pushed down into the filling absorbs some of the liquid and creates a soft, gooey apple pudding.

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For a number of years Premiere was only available on the PC and FCP only available on the Mac.

From version CS5 Premiere Pro was again available for the Macintosh.

One fact in Premiere's favor that is that it integrates very well with After Effects (video compositing) and Photoshop (for graphics).