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“No, don’t tell me about your relationship with Jack, there are just some things I don’t want to hear about. " "Nothing, Y/N.” He says, slamming a cabinet shut. You start to empty it and put the stuff in its appropriate place. You slowly make your way to him and crawl into his lap.

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Alex was coming over later that night to see the new place. I’ll see you tonight." "Yeah, I’ll be by around 7." "Kay, see ya then.” With that you hang up, putting your phone down on the desk before getting up. “I could sit here all day and listen to you apologizing, and me saying that I’m afraid it will happen again, but let’s just cut to the chase.” You start, he stays silent, just looking at you, tears continuing to fall down his cheeks. This is just a bump in the road, a very large bump that will take time to recover from, but we will recover.

Him and his girlfriend, Lisa, had been out of town for the last week and hadn’t been able to see the place yet. You leave your and Jack’s makeshift office, making your way down the hall and into the kitchen where you hear him banging around as he put things away. ” You greet, entering the room.“Hmph.” Jack grumbles in response, keeping his back to you.

“Jack, do this’‘Jack, stop that.’ 'Jack, wear this.’ 'Jack, can you take me to my brothers house.’” He says in a high pitched and whiny, obviously mocking you. They leaked down your cheeks, as your mouth dropped open. “Fucking bitch.” Before you had any time to think, or do anything, his hand was slapping across your cheek. You shakily open your purse, hoping to find your phone but you realize that you left it on your desk in the apartment and there was no way you were going back in there. We’ve finally started our life together, we have a place of our own and I just.. I didn’t know what to do.” You whisper as a tear falls down your cheek. You flinch away for a second, making him back away, looking sadder than ever.

Fans have seen young actress Abigail Breslin mature on the big screen, and now E!

Problem: Awsten doesn't even know what the first letter of LGBTQIA stands for.

Four years ago, Josh's life was changed for good by a building full of people with superpowers and a man with paint covered hands.

Zack Merrick: My dream date would be I would meet some chick on the beach and she'd just be coming out of the water from surfing and I walk by her and we start talking and she'd be like "OK, we're going to go on a date. That would be pretty sick.17: So you have a lot of girl fans. RD: There's this weird thing when people meet bands where they don't really talk, they just stand there and you're like, "Hey how are you?

AG: And one wall, a movie theatre screen with all of those movies preloaded.

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