As I listen to their stories, I can’t help but empathize with their pain, and understand why they would not want to invest themselves emotionally in yet another relationship that leaves them feeling so low.

Judaism teaches us that that the relationship of spouses to each other should be "to love her as much as he loves himself, and to respect her even more than he respects himself" (Yevamos 62b). Avraham Twerski noted in his article, Marriage That Endures: “It is of interest that Rambam, in citing the Talmud, reverses the order and places respect before love. Because it is unrealistic to expect that one can have so intense a love from day one. However, respect is something that can begin on day one.” Reversing habits that are disrespectful to your date is key to both unlocking the real potential that exists between the two of you, and getting your relationship off to a healthy start.

The university's name was chosen in honor of Rabbi Meir Bar Ilan (Berlin), who led Jews from the ashes of Europe to rebirth and renaissance in Israel.

There was no red flag or reason to break up, but there wasn’t anything holding the relationship together either. We worked on bringing the relationship to the next level by deepening their conversation. Rather, be curious about what they believe and think.

Meaningful conversation is one of the best ways to bring two people closer together and forge a lasting relationship. Try to get in their head and really understand what they are saying and why they believe what they do. Hobbies are usually personal interests that stem from something deeper within you. Are you working out and training for a half marathon? Don't ask a question to get an answer; ask questions that prompt your date to tell you a story. " try, "What is the most interesting part of your job?

If you have siblings, what is your relationship with them now and what do you hope that relationship will look like in 10 years? It took time for both sides to open up, become comfortable and really share from within.

Sadly, too many singles have expressed to me how years of enduring undignified dating experiences has taken a toll on their self-image, happiness, and overall ability to continue putting their “best foot forward” in dating.

Aish synagogues observe Orthodox standards, but then again Aish seminars have been presented in Conservative and Reform temples.

Aish was founded to combat assimilation, alienation and indifference among Jews.

“We went out and the date was fantastic.” To make a long story real short, they kept going out for a few months until one morning she walked into my office with one huge smile. But in his later teen years, he started questioning the Dream, as well as life in general.

By the time he got to college his search for meaning took on new heights.

Here are 5 ways you can start off on the right track toward dating – and relating – in a dignified way: 1. The answer to these questions aren’t always apparent in the words that are spoken, but rather in the “subtext” of their words, their body language, and tone of voice.

Be curious: To build a real relationship, it isn’t good enough just to hear the words your date is saying. Don’t just hear the words – try to experience the entire person in their essence. Ask for clarification: Learn how to withhold judgment until you know the whole story.

We welcome Jews of all affiliations, beliefs, and traditions. As educators, our goal is to re-ignite Jewish pride by teaching Jews about their heritage and its contribution to humanity. That’s because every Jew is in some respect "observant." Is there any Jew who does not give charity, honor their parents, and feel pride in the State of Israel?